All Inclusive Grooming

At Saving Grace Grooming we provide the services you want and your pet needs all in one convenient package.

  • Pet care consultation to ensure the services your pet will receive are what you expect and what your pet needs
  • Safe & humane handling of your pet
  • Bath with custom luxury shampoo &  remoisturizing conditioner
  • Gland expression (if needed)
  • Warm air fluff drying
  • Ear cleaning
  • Ear plucking (if needed)
  • Nail clipping & filing to get them short and smooth
  • 15 minute brush out
  • Complete customized haircut (if needed)
Please note we only offer full service grooms & baths. We do not offer just nails trims.

Upgrades to Benefit Homeless Pets

A portion of our profits from all of the upgrades goes toward helping homeless pets. A few examples:

  • Breath Refresh Gel for clean teeth and minty breath ($10)
  • Paw balm to moisturize dry, cracked paw pads ($5)
  • De-matting & extra brushing ($15 per 10 minutes)



The prices listed below are ballpark estimates. The exact price will be determined on a case by case basis. Factors that influence pricing include dogs size*, coat type, coat length, coat condition, special handling requirements, location, and extra time. Prices are subject to change.

Haircut Pricing Estimates (includes services listed under “All Inclusive Grooming” above)

  • Small Dogs: 100-120
  • Medium Dogs: 120-150
  • Large Dogs: 150+
  • Extra Large Dogs: 185+

Bath Pricing Estimates (includes services listed under “All Inclusive Grooming” above except no haircut)

  • Small Dogs: 75-90
  • Medium Dogs: 90-105
  • Large Dogs: 105+
  • Extra Large/Extra Hairy Dogs: 120+
  • ADD Face, Feet & Sanitary Trim to any bath for 20

*What size category a dog fits into will be determined by the groomer and depends on the coat (not just weight) but as a rough guide:

  • Small dogs are < 20 lbs (ex: Shih Tsu or Pug)
  • Medium dogs are 20-55 lbs (ex: Cocker Spaniel or Australian Cattle Dog)
  • Large dogs are 55-90 lbs (ex: Standard Poodle or Lab)
  • Extra large/hairy dogs > 90 lbs (ex: Newfoundland or German Shepherd)




Text 267-406-0706 with any questions!